Known limits

Part of this story will be included, I hope, in the weekly video, as it’s an apt lesson, about limits. Part of it is captured as a single “shadow shot” for a Sunday image.

Ramp Fee

Matagorda Marina

The ramp fee at that one marina is, as posted, $3.00 – might seem a bit steep to just use the ramp, but there’s a dock, and parking, although, it’s not the most commodious of parking arrangements. Still, there was a slew of trucks with boat trailers, scattered about the gravel pit.

The goal of the image, at first was to use it for advertising, as the ramp fee is higher than my monthly subscription fee. I clipped it, manipulated and massaged the pixels, then I went back and looked at a back-up image. I saw the palm fronds – their reflections and shadows. Dappled light, perfect Shadow Sunday.

Not much of an ad, but the image speak on many levels, the light, the distant marshes background (coastal inshore fishing), the clear blue sky and “no alcohol” sign – the “live bait” and “live shrimp” flags popping in the offshore breeze, end of a good afternoon on the water.

Doesn’t work for its intended purpose; however, still amuses me greatly.