Snoopy’s Pier

Snoopy’s Pier
Properly, Snoopy’s is in Corpus Christi, however, emotionally, and quite literally, it’s near the terminus of Padre Island. On the inshore waterway, the restaurant is a staple for island fare.

Been going there many years. Always loved it. Personal preference? Fried oyster meal. Platter. Basket. Or, properly, a plastic plate. The trick is to remember, this place does one thing well: fresh seafood, fried. They’ve added grilled, but for two decades, it was just fried.

January, February, and then April, the local oysters have been fresh and just perfect, filled with flavor. Would be good raw, but Snoopy’s does fried best.

Platter has fries, cole slaw, and hush puppies. While not remarkable themselves, every time, I keep saying, these hush puppies are the best. Not really that outstanding, but watching inshore fishing boats coast by, the late afternoon sun hidden by clouds, it’s a slice of Texas saltwater perfection.

Fresh Gulf oysters have been just amazing, lately. Really good.

Used to frequent Corpus Christi in February for work. For close to a decade, the promoters would have us down there, end of the new year season. Came down this last year for New Years.

Ate at Snoopy’s on the way out of town. Still as wonderful as ever.

Easter noon, there was a family fresh out of the water, probably on the beach at Mustang Island. Water spots and flip-flops. Another pair of Latin ladies were in Sunday go-to-meeting finery.

It is, properly, North Padre Island, casual just means we hope certain body part are covered.