The measure of a man


The measure of a man and Mercury

MercRXA woman stopped in front of my table. She did the long glance over, looked at my signage, and then back at me. I was being apprised. Weighted, checked, and otherwise valued, with a glance down at my half-crossed out sign-up sheet, prices, and services all listed, fair-market value.

Mercury was retrograde at the time.

Apparently, I merited a question. She paused, asked, I replied by asking her birthday, doing “the math in my head,” thinking of a similar chart, balancing her birthday against the current crowd of planets, and thinking, “Mercury is retrograde.”

I answered a question or two, did the elevator pitch on what I do, “I look at a natal chart, and the current transits, a little of who you are, a little of where you’ve been, and then we address what’s coming up.”

I also welcome any questions.

I’m a little scared to line up new clients when Mercury is in arrears, but then, measuring and checking me out?

The measure of a man and Mercury

Before I was judged, I figured, intuitive hit, maybe subtle voice, or even just facial micro-expressions and body language? I knew I wasn’t going to make the cut.

She crossed her arms and clutched a hanging purse tightly to her chest.

I’m not offended, my brand of reading isn’t for everyone — I’m — at best — an acquired taste. I know this.

My next comment, spooled up in my mind, was going to be something like, “Find a vendor you’re most comfortable with, as it isn’t me.”

I made a simple prognostication, astrology-based, and then suggested she might return at a later date.

I was summarily dismissed, then she moseyed along.

The measure of a man and Mercury

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If only there was a primer for Mercury’s Retrograde — The Portable Mercury Retrograde.

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