Refrains and Mottos


Refrains and Mottos

“Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!”

We eat happy people who subjugate us (?)

We gladly feast on those who would subdue us.

Original source was bubba, over a cigar, late one night, “You know what your motto needs to be? In Latin? ‘We gladly feast on those who would subdue us!’ It’s from Gomez Addams, he said he had that under his family crest as a tattoo.”

The idea was further developed, while living in a trailer park, as a set of crossed fishing poles with dead cow skull, centered, the idea gratefully lifted from pirate’s “Skull and Bones” logo. Bubba’s idea, not mine, but when I passed it onto the artist?

Refrains and Mottos

piscantur dux ad astra emeritus

Emeritus sounds good. That original appellation? About that?

“Vincit Qui Primum Gerit”

Who wins first (?)

He conquers who gets there first.

That one I found in a display at the Midland-Odessa Airport, historical.

I used it as “Who gets there first, wins.”

My understanding, it was a branch of the Army Air Corps command, most notably used by the pilots who flew over the hump. That’s what I recall the public information officer telling me.


Grateful to Google Translate for some versions of material.

Refrains and Mottos

But that first motto? What was most fun about it? It choked google translate, but has been — academically — verified. Twice now.

You know?

Google doesn’t know everything.

As Shakespeare is credited with?

“Totus mundus agit histrionem.”