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Here’s the story, astrofish.net, it all started back in Dallas, TX, in a seedy TexMex joint. Don’t think the place is there any longer, and if it is? It’s probably gone up scale. However, astrofish.net hasn’t gone upscale. Probably won’t, either.

It was in a time before the whole World Wide Web thing was happening. We didn’t even have laptops, it was that long ago. Can you imagine a time when there weren’t any laptops?

The original column was monthly, first penned, circa 1987, regularly as a monthly from 1993 or so, and finally, after several iterations, as a non-stop weekly from mid-1995.

It started as a joke and dare. There are several innovators who’ve worked on this, but the backbone and ultimate responsibility still falls to just one person, Kramer Wetzel, author, astrogator, astrologer, teacher, webmaster, and various other assorted duties. Plus other titles. Some can’t be reprinted in a family-friendly environment.

It started as a joke, that much is true. Over the years, though, this has evolved into something else.

Spinning out of control isn’t all bad. Sometimes, the unexpected returns are welcome.

The official page, astrofish.net, with that name, went live in 1998, but the horoscopes had been burning bandwidth in a number of locations before that.

What started as a joke, then turned into an experiment, which then turned into a calling, and I’ve answered that call, as best I can.

While it was originally a Monday morning column, it’s turned into a Thursday through Wednesday weekly, in part, bowing to publication constraints, and in part, owing to the internal clock.

    (I work a lot of weekends.)

While well-versed and conversant in more than one school of astrology, the most convenient packaging is what looks like a Sun Sign Horoscope Weekly. While that does fit, in a general manner, there’s more at work here. The column is weekly, and it is slated to continue for at least another year.

It’s been fun this far, and as long as it’s fun, it will continue.

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