Business Cards


Business Cards

E-mail A dear Scorpio quizzed me about business card design. What I’ve learned? First off, I’ve seen a number of digital business cards, and none of them have any kind of lasting power. With the recent, pending, purchase of Twitter, it just shows that ephemeral nature of modern social media, that it isn’t a landscape so much as shifting, ill-defined mirage.

Heard this the other afternoon, “We met on MySpace.” All I could think, wow, you’re old. (Mighty Sagittarius and Sweet Scorpio).

Just reminded me, yet again, about the delicate nature of electronic communications, and the fragile sense of the short-attention span theatre, currently so prevalent.

Business Cards

Of the examples, ephemeral and enduring, what I’ve seen that is most effective? Name, contact information. No listing of available talents, skills, or wares for sale, just the points of contact. Until recently, I’ve been using my twitter handle as a possible point for contact, @kramerw. I get followers and spam, but little interaction. The other point of contact, e-mail is preferred. Reliable, even using with that one address for over 20 years.

In internet years that’s like a millennia. Or two.

I have a website address listed, and through that site, in a swirling mass, my various media feeds, contact points, and other bits of stray ephemera, a bio and so forth.

I used to order in batches of 1,000, while from a current cost perspective, the various printing resources discount from a batch of 100 to 1,000 is a huge, in round numbers, 20 cents each to maybe a penny apiece. Letterpress to commercial printing, I guess.

But I don’t run through hundreds of cards in weekend anymore.

Business Cards

Cutest trick I’ve seen? A late term, almost post-millennial person, at the end of the reading, whipped out a phone, “You take Apple Pay, tap and go?”

Of course I do.

“Cool, wait, let me get a shot of that,” and snapped an image of my proffered business card.

Digital and analog.

Business Cards

I’ve been around readers, psychics, healers, mediums, astrologers, tarot, angels, fakirs, and fakers for the whole of this career. Pick an arcane modality, and I’ve probably sat next to one of them at one time or another. Coaching is another modality that I hear these days. So what works best? As little as possible. Name, logo, contact points.

My current batch of cards, and the new ones coming? There’s a latin inscription. Name, that e-mail, the website in typescript, and I used to include the twitter handle. The next batch is a short run, but won’t have that on it.

The temptation is to list all available skills and services. What I’ve found, I keep it simple, I don’t include past lives, present conditions, future trends, intuitive, spiritual counselor, and energy healing, as well as some forms of channeling, and mediumship. Way too much. Besides, how much of that applies?

For nearly three decades, I listed myself as “Fishing Guide to the Stars.” Think that summed it up nicely.

However, moving forward, just that e-mail and phone.

Contact me on any other medium? Please allow 4-6 weeks for an answer.

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Business Cards

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