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Hardy Boys

The Investigator

Loved the Prey and subsequent serials so far.

“Except for the cluster of taller structures downtown, Midland was a flat city, with mid-century single-story houses in sun-faded colors in the residential areas, lots of pickup trucks, burnt lawns, and metal business buildings with miles of chain-link fences around them.” Page 71.

The Oil Patch. Midland-Odessa, West Texas. Perfect description.

It’s sort like the land that time forgot.

Lucas Davenport is the protagonist of the Prey series. He has fictional, adopted daughter. This is her story. For Minnesota narrative, seems they do appreciate the idiosyncrasies of Texas.

Good story, timely, and has those elements I expect from the author. Fast-paced, zips along.

Rollicking good ride. Highly recommended as an adjunct to the Prey series, a Virgil Flowers fan, or just as fun, pointed action-adventure on its own.

The Investigator