Thar be dragons

Thar be dragons

Thar be dragons, Aargh!

The Latin, at the edge of the world, hic sunt dracones, “there are dragons.”

Doggerel Latin, hic est draco — “here is dragon.”

The doggerel Latin is from some of the fineprint. My original source is unknown, but as I understood it?

The original maps of the world had that for whatever lay beyond what we could know — at the time.

Dragons live beyond the edge of the flat earth.

hic est draco

see also Aquarius

In other examples?

alis volat propiis” and my point, in the 3-28 horoscopes.

hic est draco

Know what is important about Flat-Earthers? Set them off in one direction and eventually, they’ll come around.

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