Got a buddy, had lunch the other day, heavily addicted to her Kindle. No idea which version or any details, just know she loves it.

Screenshot from the front page of my “work” iPad.

Reading Apps

There are at least four book reading apps on mine. Kindle is my “not preferred” app, but the Libby library (San Antonio Public Library) can usually forward a book to Kindle. I like the endless scroll better than the pagination in Libby’s reader. The problem is Amazon tracks what I’m reading and starts making suggestions. One mistake?

Into the third book in a series, I realized the first was a book, the second was Libby to Kindle, and the third is Cloud Library. I still prefer Apple’s Book app, but the digital library copies don’t make it into that format. Still, bouncing through three different readers? Four different reading apps? Book apps? Best is i-Books, second choice is the cloud library one, and finally, San Antonio Public Library via Kindle.

From retail perspective, the Libby library interface is nicest — as a front for San Antonio Public Libraries.

The old cloud library reader was abysmal, but I would prefer it over Kindle if only for the lack of tracking and actual page number, with the cloud library using the same pagination as the printed books. I like that for citation purposes, and ability to find my place in a real book. That’s cool.

Three books in series, and I’ve read them on kindle, in the Libby app, and the cloud library app. Book, think one was a real, hardback book, too. If I had a choice? That cloud library app has been incremental in updates but they make substantial gains. Tiny steps forwards without too much “creeping featurism.” Reads like a real book. Since this is the front page of my “work” iPad, I wonder what that says about me? Four different book apps, and two of those are public libraries.


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