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The regular horoscopes — in place.


My sister called the other morning, just to chat, apparently a health scare. I asked her if she remembered bomb drills in school.

I recall once, would’ve been first grade, maybe preschool, all lined up in the hall, probably giggling, but I did take that drill serious, and we all lined up against a wall, put our heads down.

“Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.”
(Conventional wisdom then — and now.)

I checked with several “retired” friends, they vaguely recalled bomb drills, but I live in Texas, those could easily be tornado warnings, too. Like fire drill, only a shelter in place from Nature’s Fury event.

Having read most of the Smiley clock and dagger stuff, and recently stumbling into a novel of post-Berlin Wall Germany, Slumberland, then set that against Follett’s Never, the old fears rise again.

With a kind of generational PTSD hanging over our heads, the reaction to war, war crimes, and televised slaughter is disturbing. It can also trigger an almost involuntary reaction, like hitting a nerve and the leg kicks out automatically?


The astrology is even more curious, to me. I observed, some years ago, that “We’ve seen this before,” and in recent memory, the early 1960’s. Saturn and Jupiter were conjunct, last in Capricorn, and tight in Aquarius, 1960ish, and onwards, playing tag for a spell. Look up Cuban Missile Crisis.

Think that’s about the time we lined up in the hallways? I’m unsure.


In the old days, I’d link to a video clip of Slim Pickens in his iconic role, “Well boys, I guess this is it, Nuke-lee-are combat toe to toe with the Ruskies.”

I’m just some voice, another armchair historian, observer of humanity, and by-product of media, in all its forms. Nothing is new under the sun.