Generations and Coping

Generations and Coping

If you’re a Millennial? Having trouble with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the end of the world scenarios, playing out? World War III?

Ask a “Gen X,” as they dealt with this, albeit in a slightly different form.

Gen-X worried? Ask a Boomer.

Boomers lived through nuclear apocalypse drills in schools, like, “Huddle under your desk in a fetal position, and kiss your ass good-bye.” Russian nukes at the doorstep, in Florida, 90 miles across the water to Cuba?

Greatest Generation saw war, no lie, and there was no fancy “PTSD” diagnosis, it was shell-shock and basically bad behavior, for no known reason.

I recall watching the shelling of Kuwait? Gulf War 1? Scud missiles landing in Israel?

Shakespeare professor looked at me, the “First casualty in war? The truth.”

Vietnam “conflict,” the first war that was televised? Remember, it was the leftists against that war. Now it’s the Far Right supporting the dictatorship.

I don’t get it. But?

Need help learning how to survive? Ask a previous generation. They lived through this crap before.

Generations and Coping

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