Sneaking Under the Radar


Sneaking Under the Radar

PlutoI got quizzed, starting on Tuesday last, at the rock shop in Austin, about Pluto Return. In the online echo-chamber, one article suggested it was the Pluto Return, and that fed the flames, now frenzied, conflated about war.

Pluto got up to 26°48.3’ Capricorn on April 26, 2021. Within range, easily enough. Close enough for me to call it, but then I’m not feeding a frenzied news machine that require constant fodder, often obscuring fact with filler.

Sneaking Under the Radar

Pluto hits 27° Capricorn 2/3/22 to 3/9/22 —
Pluto retrogrades back to 27° Capricorn 6/22/22 to 8/3/22 —
Pluto hits 27° Capricorn 12/10/22 to 1/10/23 —
Pluto retrogrades back to 27° Capricorn 9/19/23 to 10/31/23 —

Sneaking Under the Radar

In one astrology chart of the US, this marks a Pluto Return. Odd. Not what I would use, but then I wasn’t consulted, and the big deal?

As a (many planets) Sagittarius myself, I was fried, three times over (and over, and over) by Pluto, mid-90’s through the Double-Aughts.

Been there. Done that. Felt the wrath and healing balm. While there is much astrological fluff floating freely on the inter-webs? Most of it peddles fear.

It’s not a good time, but it’s not a bad time. I won the lottery, being born in North America in the last millennia.

While other sources fan flames about 27° of Capricorn? I noted, previously, about 28° of Capricorn, sneaking under the radar, apparently.

Sneaking Under the Radar (sources)

Should be a hashtag for this:

#I told you so