How A Single Book

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How A Single Book

Every good Mercury Retrograde deserves a series of books to read. Better yet, a great series like these.

New Moon in Aquarius, Aquarius author, what’s not to love?

How a single book gave way to me reading a series? The single novel was the lovingly twisted, “No one saw that coming,” Dream Girl by Laura Lippman. Looked online, and come up with Baltimore Blues.

  • Baltimore Blues

Baltimore Blues: The First Tess Monaghan Novel
Several references to Housman, the poet, A.E. Housman. One of my favorite poems.

  • Charm City

Charm City: A Tess Monaghan Novel

Besides, why look at some boring old court documents or chat up sources when you can chase someone across his own front lawn, screaming, “How do you feel?” Page 50.

Explains a lot about the author. Hat tip. Band wants to move to Austin? Yeah, dates it. Brought back exquisite memories.

  • Butcher’s Hill

Butchers Hill: A Tess Monaghan Novel
Nicely done, good twist in a twist, and they lived happily ever after with typical inner-city corruption.

  • In Big Trouble

In Big Trouble: A Tess Monaghan Novel
“Remember the Alamo,” huh. More than a nod to the author of the Blanco County Mysteries series. Afterword as a fitting nod to Texas and its diversity of character.

  • The Sugar House

The Sugar House: A Tess Monaghan Mystery (Tess Monaghan Novel Book 5)
Can a city, a place, be part of the characters in a novel? Food issues.

  • In a Strange City

In a Strange City: A Tess Monaghan Novel

“You know, carrying grudges can damage your vertebrae, Detective.” Page 39.

(I’m stealing that line.)

Support your local library.

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