Public Library

As an eternal fount, nay, a wellspring of knowledge?

The public library.

Taking it one step beyond?

High Tea at the Boston Public Library

Smoked DuckThere are no words. It’s everything that high tea is supposed to be — exotic tea, scones, petty fours1, and so forth. Little sandwiches with the crust cut off. Like it is supposed to be.

The British, in London, introduced me to the notion of high tea, and I’ve certainly enjoyed it there. Kind of a civilized affair, scones, clotted cream, and the little fingerling sandwiches, the tiny dessert things, yes, and with a pot or two of good, English Tea.

Thrilled to see that it was part of the Map Room — didn’t quite catch the name — but something about Liberty Tea at the Library. Walked in around noon, got seated, had us some real high tea. Pleasure is all mine.

Highly recommended, in that carb-loading way.

Public Libraries

Can’t mention public libraries without supporting three or four in old San Antonio — BexarBiblioTech (major metropolitan bookless library) the gorgeous downtown library building, and old drive-in on the south side, plus the local one (current polling place, too). Most important, and what this shares with the Boston Public Library?

Number of ebooks lent — which maintained sanity in the lockdown.

High Tea at the Boston Public Library

Smoked DuckLooking like a shiftless vagrant, they welcomed us for high tea. Bit pricy but the service, the location, the settings, and the actual function of the experience? All worked so very well.

Support your public library.

Go Red Sox?

  1. Yeah, I know, but it’s how it sounds.
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