Mercury in Air Signs


Mercury is Retrograde from September 28 to October 18. Not like this is a surprise?

MercRXMore of interest? Mercury enters its shadow on September 7.

Over the years, and even looking at its original publication date, I’ve grown more circumspect of Mercurial Machinations, and less willing operate in its “shadow.”

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop working, or stop interacting, or stop moving, but what I expect, and the notion of no new projects? That applies.

The last two cars I’ve driven? Both had “keys” that were electronic, as in, the little key fob had to be in my pocket — or close at hand — to unlock then start the car. Gotten to a point where I think of these cars as appliances rather than a vehicle with heart and soul. But Mercury Retrograde in Air Signs brings up weird points.

Mercury in Air Signs

Looking at a buddy’s pre-teen kid? I paused in my mercurial meditation when I realized that kid will probably never see cars with ignition keys that have to be inserted, then turned, to start the motor. With the coming of the electrical cars, not even going to consider it.

Last car I drove for a spell? The key fob had the usual buttons, and then, in a slick piece of engineering, a “key” (like) shard popped out and could be used if the key fob’s battery was dead. Think: assisted-opening car key, like a switchblade.

Never have I used that key, not in a 100,000 miles.

The key itself, smoothly serrated and properly corrugated, guess it would work, but these days? It’s just easier to buy a battery and pop that back into the remote. Simpler, too.

Those kids, born after Y2K? A large number of them might never understand the idea of a real car key, much less what one looks like.

Mercury in Air Signs

The first time the key fob died, the car had a warning light, “low remote battery.” I drove through the dealership, paid ten bucks, and the woman behind the parts counter replaced the battery.

The second time I clicked and the car didn’t unlock, I went to the huge store, and bought a package of two of the button batteries, for less than five bucks, and I replaced the button-battery myself.

MercRXWhile I am no longer a big “just fix it myself” person? The battery swap, replacement, that was easy enough. The biggest challenge? I split a thumbnail prying open the fob itself. No blood, just a jagged edge, but I didn’t want to use screwdriver or similar hardened steel instrument because I didn’t want to leave a permanent notch in the plastic fob.

Mercury Retrograde does inflict some pain and suffering, but mileage will vary.

As a small example, Mercury Retrograde in an Air Sign?

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