Old Ways Die Hard

Shakespeare sketch

Old Ways Die Hard

Shakespeare sketchMurky memories, from the days gone by? The old ways die hard. For a few years, I participated in a high-level mastermind meeting, once a week, on the phone, strict structure and order, as dictated by those who showed up, and in the order. Kind of random, but also kind of structured.

That mutated and became something else. For the last couple of months, all that was left of the regular, weekly call was me and an old fishing buddy, and then, between cancer and covid, he didn’t make it. We talked regularly, up until the last week or two, so he really didn’t suffer too much.

Thinking back to his topics and conversations, I figured something was up, but as the contract allowed, a metaphysical mastermind, it didn’t allow for much negative thought.

Failure is an option.

I would do this as a requiem, but that’s been done, by others. And better. That’s not my role or calling.

While I miss the structure of the weekly phone call itself, I’m pretty sure the surviving members, just me and my buddy, I’m sure he was signing in towards winding down, as if he knew something, and he wasn’t sharing it.

Old Ways Die Hard

The structure and format is simple, open with a hearty hello, run through the formatted material, start with a simple gratitude, and then drop a question, problem, or similar issue, whatever, drop it into the middle and let the others make suggestions. At one point, it was a pretty varied group, executives, me, technicians, musicians, fakirs, and I’m not sure what else.

Mostly we are called “creatives.”

Part way through the first all-out lockdown, I lost my way a bit, but then, doing what I know how to do, and performing, as I know how to perform, and putting one foot in front of the other, I managed to motor forward.

Part of what helps?

The idea of the MasterMind’s “SMART” goal: Specific Measurable Action that’s Realistic and Time-bound.

Previously, I used part of this methodology as a way to deal with the exigency of Mercury in Retrograde. But part of it is about ways to deal with day-to-day business — and living — situations.

Looking through it, seems like we started, or I was asked to join, the group in 2008. Most near 14 years.

Mastermind model | The Mastermind

Added the Bullet Journal — my own style.

Old Ways Die Hard

The weekly meeting dissolved, and I no longer even use a call-in line. However the idea and ideal of setting a specific, measurable, and time-sensitive goal, then either checking it off, or acknowledging that it slipped by, either way, makes a system that’s far more efficient than anything else.

The other part of the goal-setting, realizing that the group was cheering for me, but the group had no investment in whether I achieved that goal — or not. Not bad, not good, just on my side, without being invested.

Learned something from that.

While I miss the earthly voice of my fishing buddy, I’m sure he’s on the other side, or reincarnated, or whatever his belief system dictated, he’s there, and we’re all still here.

I did, indeed, learn a great deal. Wasn’t all business, either.