Leo Lunar

Leo’s Lunar Cycles

Leo Full Moon
Leo, or The Leo in my parlance? I tend to favor the sign, but as a reminder, it is a fixed fire sign, and despite the fire, the fixity in Leo can come across as exceedingly stubborn.

“I’m so not stubborn,”
one argued with me
— for 45 minutes.

I capitulated. Easier. Their nickel, anyway.

July 23, August 8, August 22 (21), all this year? Full Moon, Leo/Aquarius, New Moon Leo, Full Moon Leo/Aquarius.

In person, I usually note that the Moon is on a “28 and half day” cycle. That’s an approximation, but close enough to explain general principles.

“Two full moon situation” in the same sign happens, not often, but it does happen, and this time? In Leo.

The lunar phase sets up a challenge to explain.

The beginning, the middle and the end are all impacted. Then there’s the lingering effects of Saturn (in Aquarius) and Jupiter (in Aquarius) tickled by the Sun opposing them. Just a quick, weird affectation.

What this all means? Consider 1/4, one-fourth, and for that matter, just about everyone’s chart, but in particular the “fixed” stuff in an astrology chart? That’s getting zapped. Hammered. Impacted. Affected. Wham.

Leo’s Lunar Cycles

While mostly hitting along the Leo/Aquarius axis, it does have subsidiary effects that radiate outward, and this about confronting an uncomfortable reality. The serious challenge is that this fixed energy, and no one — especially fixed signs — like to struggle against an immoveable object.

Got two friends, both have suffered with a mild form the corona virus in the passed weeks. Neither buddy is vaccinated, for different reasons, but both were in sound physical shape, and even now, seem to have rebounded rather nicely.

Lots of Aquarius (opposite from that Leo).

In both cases, I respect, and intellectually understand the purported basis for the decision to be unvaccinated. I get it. However, I also feel strongly — based on numbers and personal experience — that the vaccine is important.

The question of the vaccine is now part of a cultural war, another friend suggested. Not exactly how I would put it, but the question, about treatment of the virus? I tend to favor hard facts. 99% of the serious, hospitalized corona cases are unvaccinated — clogging the emergency services in Texas.

Should I have to beg a friend to get vaccinated? Not going to happen. It’s an adult decision, figure it out. The numbers suggest the various corona vaccines are safer than the old herbal remedies, and certainly as safe as leeches, if not more so.

The mask debate is another one, and I’m not prepared to wade into that fray. I think it should be required for now, until the emergency services aren’t swamped.

However, if one is going to take a stand, “My body, my choice,” then that dictum needs to be instituted across the whole spectrum, not just some decisions.

Which is what this energy is all about. Face-to-face with facts. Not suppositions, not “bad science,” not a random sampling, but just verifiable facts.

Leo’s Lunar Cycles

It’s that fixed, Leo Lunar Cycle we can all blame. Full Moon | New Moon | Full Moon. Kind of hard to argue with the facts. Look at the numbers.

The mask I wear, these days, just old fishing neck gators, doubled then pulled up over my mouth and nose, but the efficacy runs 80% or 90%, at best. Used to grab a spare, disposable surgical mask, too, but ran out of a source for those. However, If I’m masked and the next person is masked, and as long as I don’t lick random items in public, the efficiency is near 100% Not totally, but more efficient than not.

The masks, at best, are maybe 90% (+) effective. The vaccine, at best, is maybe 99.99% effective.

The Leo Full Moon?

Can’t argue with that.

mask reqd