Corona Vaccine

Yes, I did get the Moderna vaccine. Got my second dose the other morning — in honor of the vaccine, “It’s just a shot away…”

War, children
It’s just a shot away, it’s just a shot away

Face it, Mick Jagger does a much better job than I do.

First afternoon, felt fine, but oddly enough the spot where I got jabbed before — left shoulder — that hurt, like an echo of pain.

Next morning, I was sickly, not sick, just indisposed. Felt like a really low-grade fever, headache, and the shot spots, post injections? Hurt.

Corona Vaccine

I got my first in the left because I’m right-handed, nominally, but the second round? I heard it hurt more, and if I was going to be debilitated, I wanted to be able to use a mouse (trackpad), and fish. I fish left-handed and mouse left-handed.

Just one of my many quirks.

First afternoon, all was good, just a little tired. Second day? I was exhausted, and my body ached. Felt like a cold was coming on, may be an upper-respiratory infection, sure.

The good news is that the vaccine, now that I’ve ha a second dose? The vaccine is holding up in trials as safe and effective.

Shivered through the night and around two or for in the morning, I kicked all the covers off.

Third day, feeling good. Feeling real good.

Corona Vaccine

  1. I wear a mask.
  2. I stay socially distant.
  3. I got the second shot.
  4. Fishing in 2 weeks.

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