Ripped from headlines

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Ripped from headlines

  • Texas Republicans will make another effort to restrict voting after Gov. Greg Abbott called a special session of the state Legislature.
  • More than 150 workers at a Texas hospital quit or were fired over a mandatory vaccine policy.

Two, disparate elements from the same news feed, but each was under substantially different headings.

When I voted in the last presidential election, I stood in line for a half hour or thereabouts — next to a woman of similar vintage as me. Her commentary was about the importance of voting.

I’ve voted in every presidential election since I was eligible to vote.

While that woman standing next to me wasn’t technically handicapped, and we’re under 65, so stand in line. Waited patiently in the queue. Similar politics, be my guess. It was a hardship for her. Inconvenient for me, but doable. Think it was almost debilitating for her.

The message from the Republican led state legislature? Let’s make sure there is none of that reported voter fraud — of which? No evidence has been found.

I am not current on labor laws, but as an independent contractor, I always operate under the assumption I can be hired and fired at will. Free will. Free market economy. I was also an early vaccine proponent.

Although suffering a substantial (and unwarranted, if you ask me) blowback, one Austin promoter wanted a copy of “proof of vaccine,” and I find that quite OK. Free market, don’t like the terms, don’t participate — that simple.

In a store, strictly as a tourist yesterday afternoon, I listened while the store keeper kept telling people — tire kicking tourists — “Please wear a mask in our store.”

Choice. All about choices.

Be interesting to see if the ledge or governor weigh in on the hospital asking one to fulfill the terms of the contract, all vaccines must be up-to-date.

As a sidebar, South Texas was acquiescing to the vaccines, not out of any political expediency, but sheer loss. Last year, the unofficial nickname was “the valley of death.”

Politics: you’re up.

Mercury is technically no longer retrograde, but Jupiter is.