1986 Sesquicentennial

1986 Bandana

1986 Sesquicentennial

While I’ve got a large collection of bandanas, this particular one, it’s marked “1986 Sesquicentennial,” which was the 150-year birthday party for Texas as a country.

I was indisposed at the time, studying abroad, (in Arizona) effectively “out of the country” in one way of approaching the subject. Still, over time, that landed in my possession, and it was a worthy of note.

1986 Bandana
Thinking about that bandana, and a series of consultations the other afternoon — while I was wearing that very bandana?

Harmonic Convergence Millennials

Harmonic Convergence Millennials are a specialty, as the main attraction in the charts, the stellar position of Neptune and Uranus — in Capricorn at the time, and often times — tightly conjunct.

It means? Varies with the rest of the chart, the Sun, the Moon, the planets’ positions, but the ideas? Uranus is new, Capricorn is staid and conventional, and Neptune is spirituality, so it’s an inconvenient marriage of traditional, Neo-classical, and unconventional. Borrows heavily from tradition while emphasizing new, revolutionary, as well.

“All depends,” in my best Libra tone.

The Bandana

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