Harmonic Convergence

Harmonic Convergence

“I am NOT a Millennial! Stop calling me that!”

Harmonic Convergence and the New Age — yes, that Harmonic Convergence?

There's a been a great deal of recent reading activity wherein I’m seeing a number of 198x-199x charts. A greater than usual number. A statistically anomaly kind of presence.

I tend to look at one of those natal charts, and I’ll remark hopefully in an admirable manner, “Wow, a Harmonic Convergence chart!”

The new age cognoscenti gathered in Sedona, AZ on a summer’s eve in 1987, and they all started the countdown to 2012.

How’d that work out?
The whole 2012 thing?

The alignment I was concerned with was the Uranus/Neptune conjunction, in Capricorn. The “dawn of the new age,” and a clear signal from the collective subconscious — take the correct and mindful action.

The Harmonic Convergence Groups

The Harmonic Convergence natal charts, as I tend to address them, the first of these have Saturn in Sagittarius, which means, even now, Saturn Return.

The other part of the charts? Two key players, as these tend to be, loosely, “Millennials.” It's about change and permanence, as there tends to be a strong Capricorn part of the puzzle.

Listening to a “Harmonic Convergence” chart talk the other afternoon, I was struck by the missing piece to my puzzle: community.

In a Capricorn mind, there’s sense of immediate, yet almost infallible, judgement. Like, “This is good for me,” or “this isn’t good for me, but I’ll do it anyway, just for grins.”

For the last few years, and rather intently, for the last few months, I’ve been struggling with catch-phrases to describe the various markers and pointers, traits and portends, for the “Harmonic Convergence” charts I see. The first clue is “Community.” There’s a stronger than average sense of community, a need for community, and willingness to form community around certain settings.

So, Saturn, Capricorn, and community, the first of the elements to consider.

Harmonic Convergence Charts

Everyone has a personal kind of “porn.” For me, I’ve been obsessed with Tiny Houses, as of late. Looking at pictures, marveling at the clean lines, the minimalist spaces, the idea of living close to no footprint. It is appealing, and not a long way from a trailer park in South Austin, no, the similarities are remarkable.

As a semi-retirement option, a tiny house is appealing, but I’d have to have it all on one floor, age-related, and a real bathroom, not just a composting toilet. Nice idea, but I've grown accustomed to certain amenities. Indoor plumbing. But the appeal?

That’s another part of the Harmonic Convergence charts. While not the originators of the Tiny House movement, certainly a big part of them, and the ideals are appealing, if not completely fulfilled by those charts.

The Tiny House movement, one of my friends who is a bit older than the Millennial group? That person suggested we visit tiny houses when they are really lived in, not with just a few, sparse items and maybe one set of clothes in the closet. Not staged, but lived in.

Harmonic Convergence Peoples

While the earliest Harmonic Convergence Charts are delineated with Saturn in Sagittarius, given the “grouping within a grouping” nature, a subset of the Millennial Group, there’s that strain of Capricorn, again. Fiscally and financially responsible, the idea of “Living off the grid” is less appealing than the idea of “Non-dependence.”

Follow up and look at that, it’s about not being dependent on a single source, and being able to be independent.

We’re the “Echo Boomers,” one Millennial hopefully assured me.

“Don’t call me a ‘millennial,’ he spat out at me, “I’m a child of the 90’s, you know,” sneering, snarling, “Nirvana.”

Harmonic Convergence Individuals

There is that, flat refusal of accepted norms, connections, and practices. Beliefs are highly mutable, and the “Eastern Thought” influence is more prevalent in “Western” culture, now.

Harmonic Convergence Individuals

Working with Harmonic Convergence Individuals, aka, Millennials? Quick pointers? Don‘t condescend. Don’t “Talk down.” Treat as equals. Bring valid experiences to establish common ground. Story telling counts for more than selling.

There’s a reason that the word “authentic” resonates so well among that grouping, although, to some with a cynical side, “Authenticity is the new BS.”

That’s the millennial riddle, as evidenced by the Harmonic Convergence Individuals.

Good luck with that.

Dramatic Irony

“Coming Soon, to a bookseller near you.”

Millennial Witch speaks!



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