Shakespeare’s Birthday

Shakespeare’s Birthday

Every year, I keep thinking I’ll do something remarkable for Shakespeare’s Birthday, and every year, it slides right on passed — unremarked.

Couple of interesting, unsupported facts?

  1. Shakespeare’s Birthday is a guess, he was born in a time of high infant deaths so he wasn’t christened until three days after his birth when it seemed he would survive the first days.
  2. It’s all myth.
  3. It’s a good story, best left for pundits and academics to chew through.

I’ve read a handful of Shakespeare Biographies, piquant and amusing, but not built on much solid fact. Supposition and educated guesses, inference drawn from supporting documentation, but the real facts are thin and few.

Makes for a good tale.

Shakespeare’s Birthday

In South Texas for fishing? Check the feeds, I’m sure — I noticed that the local news carried an item: the highway was closed because hay bales rolled off a truck. Or something. I couldn’t pay too close attention, but the salient facts? Interstate and surface highways were closed. Cause? Hay, from a truck, closed the highway. Can’t make this up. In the same news?

“Dead on accuracy for the weather guy.”

Humor, both wet and dry?

Shakespeare’s Birthday

The day was disrupted before it ever started — the fast food stop for comestibles was closed. I wound up with motel coffee, and the taco truck wasn’t there, either. Not all bad, started on a slack tide, headed out to the jetties…
Black Drum
Pompano, Sheepshead, Gaff top, tourist trout, then later, Black Drum, and Redfish. Speckled Trout, too. Lady fish. A bountiful harvest of bay fishes.

The one thing, the one reminder, the one cautionary tale? I know I’ve used this before in horoscopes, but I got caught again. I use a knock-off brand of SPF 50 sunscreen. The backs of my wrists are burned, zero discomfort otherwise. I hope I remember we that next time.

Bay Redfish