Geeky Shakespeare Memories

Geeky Shakespeare Memories

Prompted first by the intro to the feed for this one, seen here, I recalled my first “desktop super computer” I got to play with, a NeXT machine, big cube, and what I liked best?

All of Shakespeare’s texts, looking for that one passage, hearing a snippet then trying to figure out the context and action, implied meaning, deeper meaning, and the surface level, too.

That was what, around 1988. 1989. These days, I carry a Complete Works of Shakespeare, like, on my phone, just in case.

Geeky Shakespeare Memories

I suggested a textual analysis of one of Iago’s bits, but I was able to do that with just counting words, and it really wasn’t worthy of a full paper, more like paragraph. A long footnote.

A short passage from Shakespeare with the same phrasing — ironically — repeated.

Geeky Shakespeare Memories

The textual analysis over the last few years, though, gave rise to theories that Marlowe probably co-authored some the earlier plays, I’m thinking it was the Henry 6th trilogy —

The debate rages ever onward.

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