Fake Truth (Ian Ludlow #3)

“O mischief, thou art swift
To enter in the thoughts of desperate men!”

  • Romeo (5.1.35)

I thoroughly enjoyed the first novel, the second was a little much, but these are desperate times, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

“A TV show creates its own reality.” Page 66.

While certainly not highbrow in any form or definition, as a pulp-like answer, an heir-apparent to the cheap paperbacks library? It works. While the material is good indeed, it is still — to me — a throw-away kind of media.

The author’s canon, from what I can surmise, is mostly fodder for Amazon, for pure, escapist reading. As such, it works.

I’m a white male, skinny at one time, once described by a Virgo lover as “scrawny,” so the protagonist works well for me.

The intersection of fiction, and real life, as portrayed? The ultimate test is how well an author can walk that line, meta-fiction. Early in my education, I was taught it was mostly bad.

It is hard to do right.

“If you set a precedent for prosecuting past officials for their mistakes, the next administration could decide to prosecute us for ours.” Page 85.

Satire or merely political commentary? One wonders.

A plan of action?

“It was field tested. Well, at least it was on television. Why couldn’t it work in the real world, too?” Page 248.

Like the blended realities, with a writer’s smirk, firmly in place. You know, it works on TV?

Worth every penny

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Fake Truth (Ian Ludlow Thrillers Book 3) Kindle Edition

Fake Truth (Ian Ludlow #3)