Airwaves and Attitude

Airwaves and Attitude

What I said?

“I want that Paris lifestyle.”

What I was referring to? Watching a couple of French things, back-to-back, d’accord?

“The French work to live; you Americans live to work.”

Not exactly, but close, in essence, and what with the pandemic, and then, this season’s Mercury Retrograde brought into sharp, clear focus? Attitude.

Airwaves and Attitude

According to the videos, the French wake up in the arms of a lover, around ten in the morning, have a delightful breakfast of croissants, may be with fresh butter and various artisanal jams, then a couple of demitasses of espresso, French Roast, I’m sure.

Been more than a dozen years, but my personal coffee standard was set by Richard’s in Paris (pronounced Ree-shard.)

According to the TV? What they do in Paris? Wander into work, make a few aesthetic decisions, head off for two bottles of good wine and rich food for lunch, then call it a day.

Make love all night long.

Yeah, I want that Paris lifestyle.

Freaky weather, obtuse astrology, and times being what they are?

I want that Paris lifestyle — as advertised.

There’s an app for that…

Looking over resources, time, and travel? Then too, locked in for over a year now? I got to experiment a little. First, it was free app called air radio tune, but I can’t find its link. However, another popped up Radio Garden, and between the two? I have a way to listen to audio streams from other places.

Amusing, this started because there’s a good “Texana” (alt-country, americana, Texas, rock, blues, Tejano, country, western, local, old Austin singer-songwriters, &c.) station that I can’t quite clearly receive because of the broadcast restrictions. However, online, I found it, and I like getting news about deals on feed and seed, as part of the background noise.

But I also like weird electronic music — the stranger, the better. First it was a French EDM stream, but those streams eventually get repetitive, after a week or two, same with 80’s music, and then, onto German techno music, and from that, I stumbled into a curated French electronica stream. Bounced back to a the radio app, and started looking for French radio stations.

Airwaves and Attitude

Radio Lyon

Radio Lyon

“We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert…”

Draft Cover

Draft Cover

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