“Streaming” has become a way of life, and in doing so, seems to have provided an equal platform, or more equal than before, as far as getting material to the screen. Two Netflix series come to mind, one is Lupin, the other is Emily in Paris.

Both centered in Paris (France).

The first, Lupin, is a fantastical story, carefully woven together, and the end of the first “season” left me eagerly looking up when season 2 is set to arrive. Soon. Very soon. It’s a heist story. Or a revenge tale, and I’m not sure, we’ll use the excuse of the language barrier, as it is done in French with subtitles, but well-fleshed out. More fun, for me, as I can try to decipher what’s being said, having long-since forgotten any useful French grammar or ear that I might’ve had at one time.

But for streaming video, late at night, not entirely awake, but looking for an amusing tale? It was either five or six episodes, closed with a cliff-hanger, and poised to be a really interesting show.

An African immigrant is accused of a high-profile theft, and his son returns to right the wrong, although, too many layers to wrap in a short summation.

With death and destruction, prisons, violent crime, and the gentleman burglar? There’s also my desire for a palate cleanser — Emily in Paris. Savaged by the critics, ravaged for playing into French Stereotypes, and being a little too sanitary? One too many pieces that are light, fluffy, and maybe just flaky?


A personal thesis I hold isn’t that the French, and especially the Parisians, are haughty and aloof, no, that’s not what I see. With art, culture, and country not any bigger than Texas, I would hardly consider them more arrogant. That’s not it.

My experiences, albeit many long years distant, the people of Paris weren’t arrogant, just indifferent.


The trope from Emily in Paris that I liked, but also annoyed me on a certain level? “Americans , you live to work. The French? We work to live.” Early on, it’s a Social Media savvy “girl from the Midwest” in Paris for work. Lightweight, fun backgrounds, and I always enjoy the way the Eiffel Tower is visible from every hotel, apartment, and office window.

Have to admit, that’s rather clever architecture.

Emily in Paris is a little thin on on content, but lavishly and lovingly produced, making it a good follow-up to the heavier, more twisted and noir Lupin, which, as a final thought, in French with subtitles? Good language exercise.

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