As a writer, my preferred form, but as a writer? I don’t have to see people face-to-face. I’ve done hundreds of phone interviews, and these days, consider, my original business was built on phone consultations and web sales. Don’t have to see people in person. It’s nice, and as an adjunct, that’s been my sideline for near three decades now.

Now about vaccines?

Or no limits? Vaccines cause more problems?

Look: my father had polio, probably caught in a public pool, when he was three-four years old.

I wasn’t even aware of the issue of his possible infirmity until I was adult-aged, more or less. Wasn’t an issue. However, and from his older sister, on to my cousins, therein grew this need to be vaccinated. We all lost a distant relative in the great flu pandemic of 1918 — the Spanish Flu?

With polio, I’ve seen firsthand how a particular disease can ravage a body. So I’m all for vaccines. I worship at the altar of modern medicine, having been brought back to life at least twice now by those very adherents.

That, and the idea that I’ve seen how a simple vaccination can help prevent disease?

Seen it.

Odd, to me, that there are anti-vaccination people about. I think, choices, we always got choices, if someone were to refuse the vaccine? That would also mean refusing hospital help if confronted with the particular disease.

The original hypothesis that connected vaccinations to autism, as it turns, that was built on false assumptions, and as such? No longer an issue. As an astrologer myself, I am not one to totally scoff at pseudo-science,

I am, by no means, an expert, nor have I delved deep. I got far enough to realize that I will get a vaccinated. Enough said.


One of the larger promoters I’ve worked with — Austin, TX — was entertaining the idea that proof of vaccination would be required for all vendors. Think it’s a great idea. I just don’t see any chance of me getting vaccinated before a large number of people who are way more important than I am.

The guy who was stocking groceries this morning. That whole crew, obviously, way more important than me. And that’s just one example.

Well under 65, and not a frontline worker in any capacity, I think I’m listed either as a “consultant,” or a “writer,” and neither one of those qualify as serving critical infrastructure. It’s not like I’m growing food or putting food on shelves. That’s critical. Healthcare — even just janitorial — especially custodial — to a greater extent, and power, communications, the lineman for the county? All more critical than me.

I’ll stay isolated, and wear mask, as long as need be.

The Spanish Flu circled the globe four times? Took it two years to die off, and at what cost?


I’ll wait my turn. No rush.

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