A few days ago, I was motoring along, and I got hit broadside by another driver in an SUV. Fancy SUV, but who’s counting? Little hybrids don’t fair well against rambunctious SUVs.

Two salient points, I know, as an astrologer, that the time around a birthday is bad, and to exacerbate that situation, the time between the eclipses, rattling all of Sagittarius is even worse. Compounded by Jupiter and Saturn, Pluto, &c.

That in mind? A tidbit I swiped from Vedic astrology, treating the Sun as a malefic other than the traditional Western version of benefic? I tend to favor an interpretation in the middle, so the Sun’s influence can be either, but exercise caution with optimism.

Shaken, but not otherwise damaged, the accident itself, I was proceeding in a southerly direction in the middle lane of three-lane route, and the aforementioned other person, took a left turn, assuming that I had to turn left, and we were all very surprised when, as the traffic pattern dictated, I didn’t turn left. Spun my car up and over the curb, and I took one, good bounce against the ceiling, but I think I was restrained by the seat belt.

When talking about Mercury Retrograde issues, I warn about local drivers who exit from the far left to hit a right exit, or the reverse: left from the far right. Did I curse myself1? Maybe. When I cast my Solar Return chart2, I noted a disturbance — the chart carries warnings, and I tend to heed that kind of symbolism.


Then, too, I also urge extra caution when so close to the eclipse pattern, and finally, holiday crap. That adds a pregnant, unwanted layer of manufactured excess.

Add it all up, eclipse, birthday, and the season. Planets and pandemic perils, too. Spells out more caution, which, obviously, I missed a clue, like a car turning into me.

On foot, I chased the other driver down, and they suggested I was in the wrong, so I offered my insurance, if they would back up and get out of the way. We both called the cops. I reported a non-injury accident, and mine wasn’t drive-able.

By time the cops arrived, we had exchanged driver’s licenses, and insurance. I had to hold the license because the other party was shaking too badly.

Mine was loaded onto a city-contracted tow truck, and left in the impound yard at some deanship, like, just blocks away.

It was a left turn out of a right lane. Kind of a no-brainer.

The cop gave us a ride home, and I thanked him profusely, and he tacitly demurred, but left the implication that I was right, the other driver took left from a right lane, but the cop wasn’t going to render an opinion. I respect that.

USAA is the other carrier. So far, I’ve been less than pleased with their response.

The cop, as he dropped us off, I was asking how long on the force, reminded him I’m nice to law enforcement, and he quipped, “Yeah, I guess if I wanted to be liked, I’d been a fireman.”

I just wish he’d blipped the lights, the siren, or something, you know, give the neighbors a new tale to discuss. “We never let the truth interfere,” as my own family would suggest.


The insurance isn’t moving fast, and the lack of response is annoying, at best.

The other driver, also considered an aggrieved3 party in this situation? Birthday is a few days after mine. I didn’t snap until I arrived home, but with it being just a few days different, it points out what I was discussing, and my worry, astrologically, the possible problems and need for extra caution at this time.

Two Sagittarius, running into each other. Technically, I was hit. But the orbits are close enough to warrant extra caution these days.

  1. See confirmation bias.
  2. Solar Return chart here
  3. The Seven Ages of Man, or person.


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