Saturn Return

Saturn Return

It happens. It happens every 28 years or so. I finally collated some data and that was several years back, looks like it was before Saturn entered Scorpio, and Saturn is now almost all the way through Sagittarius.

I ran into a few “Saturn Return” people, the other afternoon.

Yeah, and what it means?

Reminded me to look this up, about the Saturn Return.

Keep meaning to post the bits I’ve updated as I’ve marched along, always looking for a new way to help — how to describe a Saturn Transit.

Saturn Return

Somewhere between 28 and 31 years old, then again, between 56 and 60, there’s a “Saturn Return.” While there will be a Lunar Return each moon cycle, with each planet having a “return,” based on location in a natal chart, the two that seem most important, the standout in my work?

“Solar Return,” one’s actual, astrological birthday, based on birthday, and then, adjusted for location on the current birthday, and the other one I pay close attention to? Saturn Return, as it tends to be very symbolic.

Solar Return 2017

Solar Return 2017

The first Saturn Return tends to be a physical, as much as anything, realignment, or cosmic check-up, depending. Mostly it tends to be physical, as in where one is located along one’s path in cosmic development.

Saturn Return

The first Saturn Return doesn’t have to be painful or trying. There are obvious elements to embrace as Saturn has a tendency to remove and reward, in that order. Remove what is no longer of value and reward for cosmically correct actions.

Saturn’s placement in a birth chart, then the interplay with other elements in a chart, and the soul’s evolution itself, all plays into the possible meaning.

Individually, this is quick and easy to assess, but the myriad of elements means that a standard book-like reading usually doesn’t work.

“It all depends.”

Saturn in Capricorn

Dramatic Irony

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