Sagittarius/Gemini Eclipses

Sagittarius/Gemini Eclipses

First a historical perspective, like, Vaticinium Ex Eventu, the dates this was last a topic?

  • 12/14/01 17° Sagittarius/Sagittarius.
  • 5/26/02 4° Gemini/Sagittarius.
  • 6/10/02 20° Gemini/Gemini.
  • 12/4/02 12° Sagittarius/Sagittarius.
  • 5/31/03 9° Gemini/Gemini.

Now, some in passing, and some to look forward?

  • 6/5/20 15° Gemini/Sagittarius.
  • 11/30/20 8° Sagittarius/Gemini.
  • 12/14/20 22° Sagittarius/Sagittarius.
  • 5/26/21 5° Gemini/Sagittarius.
  • 6/10/21 19° Gemini/Gemini.
  • 12/4/21 12° Sagittarius/Sagittarius.

I collected this data, late at night, thumbing through my ephemeris. Data is probably good, but not fact-checked.

However, my notion of “Data is probably good but not fact checked” sets the tone for this eclipse pattern. Some suffering can be saved by “fact checking.” It’s a simple notion, and with that kind of over-abundance of Sagittarius and Gemini energies, as highlighted by the eclipse patterns?

Think back, what was happening 18 years ago, or so? Where, what, why? Move forward, how much could be saved, some drama, some trauma, some unneeded expenses? How much could be easily saved by looking at more than one source for incoming information?

These days, it’s all about what’s in the feeds. Used to be a news ticker, across the bottom of the screen, or, if historical movies are to be believed? It was a long, continuous strip of ticker tape, with current headlines, printed on the thin band of paper. An ever-changing, constant output of data — if the old movies are to be believed.

Was it really like that? I don’t know; I wasn’t there. Feels real, but that doesn’t mean it is real. Hence the troubles with using just once source of data.

Vaticinium Ex Eventu” boils down to “prediction after the event,” like, “See? I told you so!” When?

In the midst of the current cycle, though, I had a moment when I realized there was missing symbolism, and answers to posted questions, and a new way to look at old problems, as the future unfolds.

Sagittarius/Gemini Eclipses

The eclipses are about all the data and assessing the information on an individual basis.

Furthermore, on a more global scale, look at civil liberties and put that up next to individual well-being. Simplest current example? The question surrounding masks. Wear one? Don’t wear one?

Long ago, or what feels like long ago, I mentioned that the current iteration of masks, and the neck-things I wore fishing were much the same. Didn’t realize it, not at first, but the things are called “Neck gaiters.” New term to me, and the notion of wearing one is at once familiar and easy. Early on, there was a piece about the single layer of cloth being particular ineffective, but that doesn’t stop me, besides, when I wear one? I double it over.

The studies I’ve seen, more than glanced at, maybe didn’t read all the details, but the material I saw? If everyone wore a mask, this would be over sooner, and if two people, in close proximity, the masks are 99% effective at reducing the spreading of viral loads.

Not that I’m a great source of reliable data, again, fact check as one will, but the notion fits.

The eclipse patterns are about societal patterns and the larger images play out against an individual back drop.

It fits with my own, twisted sensibilities as an amusing scenario, the way the situations are playing, the masks are the easiest way to save lives. That simple.

Sagittarius/Gemini Eclipses

What do masks and this iteration of eclipses have in common? Tempers, emotions, and irrational behaviors are all running high.

My simple suggestion?

“Fact check.”

Just use more than source of data.

“I know a guy who said, his brother knew this cat, nd that feller said that…”

New Text Available soon!

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