Vaticinium Ex Eventu

Vaticinium Ex Eventu

The first time I wrote about vaticinium ex eventu, I noticed it got a lot of traffic, above and beyond the normal amount of attention.

    ‘Above and beyond the normal amount’ of attention for one of my quotes in Latin, about formal rhetorical devices, I should amend.

The terms means “prediction after the fact (event).” The first time I heard this, it involved me, one of my teachers, a (female love interest), Scorpio, and the presage of events that had a tumultuous outcome for some.

“Man, I don’t know why I didn’t see that, Venus over (point in my astrology chart), of course that was what would happen!”

Sure, after the event, it was clear as could be. Should be a bonking of one’s head, too, when such comments are made. Painful is better.

    As a guideline, don’t date Scorpio — I’m not man enough.

My predictions tend to shy away from absolute events, and I’ll be more general. I have several sets of twins for clients, and in one example, on the outside, couldn’t be more different. Peel away the layers, and it’s the same expression of similar energies, with a different interpretation for the few moments’ difference in birth times.

One reason almost my entire library of “predictive astrology columns” is available, on the site’s index, it’s there for referral. Check out what I said, when. I promise, one day, I’ll get the original column scanned and uploaded. My material predates the whole “World Wide Web” thing, but not for long.

My predictions stand.

sunset south TX

sunset south TX

Reruns for the New Year:

Uranus square Pluto, Saturn in Scorpio, tangential to the Saturn Return.

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  • Sarah Smith Jan 4, 2013 @ 11:18

    My experience with your predictions is that they are insightful and usually quite subtle. They take some mulling over, holding up by the shoulders and measuring up against current reality, to see what you’re talking about. And the occasional blunt, hit-over-the-head-prediction? Spot on.