Presidential Politics

Presidential Politics

Noted copious times before, I’m registered to vote and I vote. I voted in every presidential election since I was able to vote. While I may not be proud of all my decisions at the polls, I stand by what I did. As a notion, I’ve got friends and clients on both sides. I won’t publicly pick a side. I do tend to vote issues rather than just party lines.

After the first presidential politics debate, that night I slept rather uneasy. Perhaps the coffee, perhaps the idea that I was standing in front of the big screen, scooping the last of emergency ice cream out of a carton, making a failed attempt to soothe my soul. There were no right answers.

England — the UK — with their eternal storm of political intrigue? Commentary from the UK was best, “At least we look normal, now.” Begs a colonial commentary, doesn’t it?

Presidential Politics

Noted elsewhere, and noted with great consternation, the problem being, the two cycles, three planetary cycles worth watching? Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter.

Most important, Jupiter and Pluto. No, most important is Mercury. Saturn, in Capricorn? Mars retrograde, still?

Jupiter and Pluto, tight like that, suggests that some kind of hidden, or disenfranchised fact, something that was previously unknown? That surfaces.

Saturn suggests it’s “karma,” long over-due. Mars is fuel to the fire, retrograde yet grudgingly grinding. Mars is retrograde so it’s more “re-grinding.”

Finally, the simplest of the symbolism: Mercury in apparent regrade motion. Stationary. Confusion and thinking, domination, all of that is suffering.

Presidential Politics

I once sold a property when Mercury was retrograde. Against the behest of the astrology, and the place sold quickly, or, I had an offer and contract forthwith. The problem? Mercury in apparent regrade motion? Took more than six months for that deal to properly close and get funded. Caused no end of consternation and strife. If I’d only taken a little more time, a few more weeks?

“Patience may be a virtue,
but it’s not one of mine.”

The prognostication for this November 3? Doesn’t look good, now does it? The rhetoric, political posturing, and the vindictive ad hominem advertising just validates that position.

The morning after the first debate? Local paper ran a headline, something about “Mud slinging becomes mud wrestling.”

“I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

  • (various, most common is George Bernard Shaw)

Way I heard it, and attributed to, Will Rogers?

“Problem with wrestling with a pig in slop is sooner or later you figure out the pig likes it.”

Either one works, sentiment holds up even if I can’t get a proper attribution for the quote.

The problem coming up? At best, we won’t have a real indication for a few days. Just give it time. Cooler heads will prevail, but I’m not looking forward to watching anymore of the debates. However, in fairness, we all should. Not just sound bites and video clips edited for spin, but the whole debate.

Presidential Politics? Perot ’92

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