Near six-month hiatus

Near six-month hiatus

Price – selection – convenience

Ever see the pieces about the price of the COSTCO Hot dog and drink, and its enduring enigma? $1.50 + tax.

Locally? Date for two, at COSTCO? That’s $3.15 — that’s a good price. Of course, the pandemic has shut down the food court, and the price of the meal was only half of the deal, the entertainment value of watching shoppers stroll past was the rest, and relatively free. Same low price. Price – selection – convenience – can’t be beat.

After a near six-month hiatus, 5 months, 28 days, but who’s counting, the rock shop in Austin is opening for practitioners again. I’ve been a few times so far. Sort of spotty, at best. The recent number, the polls, and the planets themselves spell a kind of doom. Thin pickings, indeed.

In part, some of the practitioners are not immediately returning due to fear of contagion. I used to dress the table with samples from the store, interesting tidbits to keep me entertained with an added covering for a splash of color and to be metaphysically sanitary.

All I got now is a white plastic table-top, a rudely framed plexiglas shield, and a small wash tub with disinfectant and dirty towels.

Est est. (In Latin: Est est.)

But I’m at work, or sort of at work, as the hours are greatly abbreviated. I used to leave the house at 7:45 to roll in at 10, and now, I can’t even get in the gate until almost 11, not complaining, the store has managed to stay open and keep a skeleton staff of employees employed through the worst of this — so far. That’s a credit to management, staff, and the owner (Virgo).

Price – selection – convenience

Price Selection

Price Selection

The date on the last time I looked, would’ve been this year, either February of March, but I had the last phone image of the old u-Haul signage next door, with its memorable Price-Selection-Convenience wording. I’ve used that for close to half-dozen years, and it wasn’t until recently, the last time I was there in September, the message changed.

After almost seven years, and technically, at least for me, it’s been seven years. Pretty sure the sign was the same, at least for most of that. Can’t say about the last few months, but it had changed, as I noticed, pulling out after the late September gig. Some new advertising slogan.

Near six-month hiatus

For me, back at the rock shop, I’ve kept the same low price. Took a while to figure it out. In one essence, I returned to my roots, those old, Austin roots. Also means I’ve spent more on coffee, gas, and tacos on the last couple of Tuesdays than I made. But it’s nice to be back, albeit in a limited capacity.

Store hours are 11 AM to 5 PM, and reader hours are limited from 11 to 3:45 …

Like COSTCO, my prices are the same.

The store does have some new “guidelines…”

As Shakespeare said, “Hav’st not mask, thou shalt not pass.”

New Rock Shop “guidelines”

They (front desk) will make sure that the front door person is aware of your clients appointment and your client will be let in 5 minutes prior to their appointed time with a special pass. Heads Up! Let your clients be mindful there is usually a line to get into Nature’s Treasures, as only 18 customers are allowed in store at a time. Sometimes the wait can be 30 minutes. Therefore, please let them know that they should prepare to be as comfortable as possible, bringing water, umbrella, sunscreen, etc to keep themselves relaxed and hydrated.

Restrooms are not open to the public!

There is a complete list of Natures Treasures Covid-19 protocol on our website, and in each monthly newsletter. MASKS ARE REQUIRED TO COVER NOSE TO CHIN!!! Your clients should be aware of requirements prior to their arrival just in case they are coming from a mask optional area. Also, masks are required on the entire campus, even in the rock yard.

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