It’s an exercise in Every Day Carry.

Simple enough, grab that every day carry bag, purse, backpack, man-bag. Grab the satchel, and dump it out. One author suggested this as a monthly exercise.



What’s required, what is used, what is merely totemic? Is it useful enough to carry?

Tarot cards, purely symbolic, but still a personal item that I feel like I need to carry.

Not visible is a pendulum, and some ruby-zoisite in the bag with the cards. Think the rest is obvious.

I keep bouncing, but this year, I took that “Sun in the 12th House” energy and spent some time looking at the up and coming schedule and figuring what I’ll want and need for the next year. Road trips look pretty limited at this moment.

The other portion of the case that’s gotten a new lift? For purely work, like rock shop or a big show? I have an older, larger iPad currently paired with canvas-covered Apple keyboard. Works. Works well enough, and each venue I’ve been at offers WiFi, so that one relies on WiFi for handling its connections.


However, in Every Day Carry?

I prefer the slightly smaller, still “cellular” iPad. Smaller keyboard for that, as seen.

Flashlight, pen, pencil, couple of notebook covers with partially blank books, a tiny journal, the ephemera that makes up what I used to carry in my pockets.

Inside EDC

Inside EDC

For now, I’ve got a new trick I’m trying, the cord cases vary with the iPad I stick in the bag. One set has a credit card reader, and the usual USB-Lightening connections for the ubiquitous i-Things. The other case, as seen in the image? Leather pencil case, and it has a different set of cables, including the future standard of USB-C.

The problem I was having with the collection, one iPad needed one set of cables, and the other required the other set of cables plus the credit card reader. One is directed towards work, and the other is geared for every day adventures.

What I figured out, via this exercise, was that I could put a wire set for each tablet in a separate bag. Headed out to work? Grab one. Fishing, BBQ, or whatever? Grab the other.

“Don’t leave home without it!”



Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel

Pink Cake

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