The Guardians

The Guardians

One or two “Grisham” novels back, I was writerly amused at the display in Costco. It was a pallet-sized box, filled with the then-latest Grisham novel, and the shipping box folded out into a display itself. Just drop the pallet on the on the floor, cut along the lines, and the display was set up.

Moving books in with a forklift?

Amusing because it was a shipping box that doubled as a display, and even more so, considering it was exactly the size of a pallet. That was carefully thought out product, not just a book. Book was about love and bookstores, I think, odd, I would buy my literature in a warehouse store.

As of late, the last couple of Stuart Wood releases, those haven’t been at my preferred bookseller — Costco — but I did pick up the latest Grisham there, albeit, not in crate form, not this time.
“Le sigh,” like Pepe Le Pew, it’s another legal thriller. Interesting premise: legal team that combines clergy with exonerating the wrongfully convicted.

“Very few women are criminals. Their mistakes are picking bad boyfriends.” Page 76.

In my experience? Well, yeah.

Thrilling ride through the slightly seamy side of justice, Florida, and race relations in the modern South.
In part, it’s merely a good book because the writing is exercised and properly tight. However, there’s the underlying elements of the story itself, irrespective of the settings, the way it weaves together.

The premise makes it intensely interesting, the idea that the wheels of justice can go down a wrong road.

The Guardians

The Guardians – John Grisham

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