Bexar Biblio Tech

Bexar Biblio Tech

I think I’ve been to the location for once? Twice, and that was years ago? Many long years?

However, I got a notice to renew my “library card,” and there isn’t a location close to my current place. Not bad, not complaining, as a point of pride, I adore this service.

The library itself — wait — San Antonio boasts one of the coolest-looking downtown libraries anywhere, with the British Museum and its reading room beating us out, but that’s a high bar to cross. Besides, their San Antonio Library, and its off-shoot, Bexar Biblio Tech ? First major metropolitan library that was “bookless.” All digital library. Still cool.

Personally, I find the 3M library reading software to be a bit unstable, and not to my liking, as I prefer Apple’s Book application. Easier, slicker, kinder, but the 3M Cloud Reader thing? It does paginate according to the hardback, and that, in and of itself, kind of cool. Makes citations easier, even if I don’t like the software.

There’s one other library, part of the San Antonio system, the old Mission Drive-In. Think I visited once. Fast wireless internet. Strange art on the walls, and a clean, well-lit space.

Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel

Pink Cake

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