The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A

The subtle art of not giving a

“Self-improvement and success often occur together. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the same thing.” Page 7.

Buddy hands me this book, as a birthday gift, and I took it as gag gift — only, it’s not a gag gift.

“Our crisis is no longer material; it’s existential, it’s spiritual.” Page 10.

And answered, close to 2,000 years ago, by a Roman writer named Martial.

“There is a subtle art to not giving a fuck.” Page 14.

Yes, could be a title.

Working my way through the text, there was a lightbulb moment, why Hamlet, and Shakespeare’s similar tragedies are so great. The hero dies in the end.

“Decision-making based on emotional intuition, without the aid of reason to keep it in line, pretty much always sucks.” Page 44.

Took me many long years to learn this. Think I recall a university level class in psychology that dealt with this, sounds vaguely — fits in a model — for Freud?

Some years ago, I arrived at a very similar conclusion that the author is driving towards, a certain amount of “grim acceptance” for the way life is, without reservation or exception; I took a perceived “handicap” and turned it into a working model that serves my production. I use the “handicap” in a productive manner.

So the material is not new, but it does condense several “self-help” taxonomies into a single-serve book-like container. More palatable, as long as the liberal use of the F-Bomb is allowed.

It’s almost a satirical look at the way self-help tomes are written, layered with blistering condemnation of certain practices that do, over time, fail all of us.

That casual, almost cavalier style might be what helps it.

“We are so materially well off, yet so psychologically tormented in so many low-level and shallow ways.” Page 134.

Guess that sums it up?

  • Manson’s Law of Avoidance:

“The more something threatens your identity, the more you will avoid it.” Page 89.

Pull on your big girl britches and get over it.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A

The subtle art of not giving a

The subtle art of not giving a

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