Xmas Album

Xmas Album

ZZ Top, same three guys, same three chords, decades of consistently making music. Seeing them live, again, kind of a hopeful item on my list of goals.

Pretty sure I saw one of their fuzzy guitars tour, but times — memories — are fuzzy, too. Non-fuzzy Virgo girlfriend.

Think they have second release of greatest hits, or five albums, or some similar, and while I can’t seem to locate it, I had a link based on a purchase, something like their five greatest albums, or first five, as a bundle deal, cf., Aries.

From some novel in the last month, not sure which source, but it was memorable reference to a typical musical group’s timeline. First album, second album, double-live, third experimental, greatest hits, concept album, then an Xmas Album.

Xmas Album

I used to pull together an Xmas Album Playlist each year. Have to include Cheech and Chong’s Santa Claus and his Old Lady, Robert Earl Keen’s Merry Christmas from the Family, and various other cuts. One year, I think it was from the band, Nashville Pussy, a song called Lazy Jesus. Thrilled a number of close friends with irreverent humor.

L.A. Guns had a Run Rudolph Run version, in hair-metal style. Run DMC has similar fare.

That was a good Xmas Album. However, in this context, what I was looking for wasn’t just music, but my horoscopic-equivalent of an Xmas Album.

What would that look like?

Santa Claus and His Old Lady – Single – Cheech & Chong

Lazy Jesus (Live) – Nashville Pussy

Xmas Album

Flip some of that idea on its head? Another favorite musician — Jimmy Buffett — he has several Christmas Albums, owing in part to his Capricorn birthday, Dec. 25. Also owing, no doubt, to his large oeuvre.

Think I have both those. Fun, in season, and it’s always beach season where I am. Or mostly.

The idea of an Xmas Album is borne out of reusing greatest hits, and having an inexpensive gift item available at Xmas time.

Xmas Album

For years, I’ve threatened to pull together a greatest hits of my horoscopes. There was about a cat snoring, cf., Cancer, and that horoscope was emblazoned across the wires, and into history, when I was told how someone printed it out stuck it up in her cube at work, the poetry of the words so moved her.

Greatest hits.

Or an Xmas Album, and what does that look like? What are greatest hits? According to the great Southern writer, Faulkner, a writer must be willing to kill his own children — as a metaphor.

Can’t find the quote; thought I had it on hand.

“It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations.”

-Winston Churchill

Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel

Pink Cake: A Commonplace Book

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