That little old band from Texas

ZZ Top

At the Majestic.

It was the image off the poster that caught my attention. I couldn’t place it exactly, but I know I’ve seen that thematic element before, but where?

I got all kinds of excited to think that I could see ZZ Top (again). I logged in to the ticket outlet, and the first show was already sold out. Then I looked at the pre-scalp ticket prices.

Last time I saw a member of ZZ Top in person was in Austin, in the Continental Club, for a Hank III show. Before that? While in college, that long ago.

I own most of the band’s albums, digital, CD, even have some on vinyl, if that’s even a viable format. Classics, to be sure.

I couldn’t find the link, after a cursory search, but I owe this one, in part, to sean M (, as he alerted me, in his way, to the facts of the current musical tours. Rarely, if ever, will the whole band be intact. Most modern bands, it would take a seance to get the whole band back together.

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What makes this ZZ Top show special? It’s the original band. All of them, still playing together. As I understand, parts have been replaced on the band members, but the essential essence is the original band, it’s still intact.

One of the “proto blogs” from the early days included a posting from a person who worked as an intern for ZZ Top. Take away data? The guys were nice, polite, a little spaced out, and had lots of cool toys. They invested wisely, back in the day, and were well-off now.

For “3 chord band” from Houston? They’ve come a long from Rio Grande Mud. You have to respect the Top, like them or not.

Unabashedly, I’ll admit I like them, old to new. And back again. Too bad show’s sold out.

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