Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Always exciting when straight science picks up and runs with factoids that are really of an astrological nature, Blue Moon, eclipse, all of that, up and coming?

Just looking something up on wiki does not constitute “research!”

No, it doesn’t, but as a concise and reasonably accurate guideline, it can place enough data in focus to render a point quickly. Like, maybe more quickly than I can?

Blue Moon meaning, via WikiPedia.

The term — as I understand it — joined the common usage in 1946 as a way to define the second full moon in a calendar month.

Moonshine workshop — short version.

The current events insanity falls well within the standard purview of my astrological prognostication.

What is always exciting is when this information is picked and I tend to see it as “bent,” but still, picked up and widely spit back out — even by noted scientists.

Which iterates the point, like an reverb and echo-back, about the kind of insanity propagated and foisted upon us all by eclipse action.

Blue Moon

“But I’m a (insert sign here), what does it mean for me?

That’s why I write horoscopes, mathematically correct, scientifically derived, then blended with a certain amount of my consciousness, just for a leavening mix.

Blue Moon

Also? In Austin plus San Antonio, this weekend and next week, details are on the site —

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