Saturn in Capricorn and Saturn Return

Saturn in Capricorn and Saturn Return

A cursory glance through an ephemeris showed that Saturn was in Capricorn 1929-32, 1959-62, and 1988-91. Those are round numbers, not deemed accurate and reliable, but good enough for a quick sketch. Born in any one of those time frames, and then it’s a safe guess that Saturn — natal Saturn — is in Capricorn.

Saturn in Capricorn and Saturn Return

I tend to sketch this material out for myself, and these are working notes, laid open for public consideration. However, the two cycles that bear the most consideration are 1959-62 and 1988-91 generations. I maintain that those two generations are actually more similar than separate. The first of the “in-between” group, essentially marked by either Pluto in Virgo (1960-70) resonates well with the so-called Millennials (1980-2000).

Of that batch of Millennials, and before any reader misunderstands, what with Mercury in apparent retrograde motion, the Harmonic Convergence subset of Millennials, what with Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn in Capricorn? The “Millennials” and especially that subset generation, therein is our hope for the future. Socially aware, global prescient, and quick of mind with an over-arching understanding of how it all works. Plus they all tend to be technically inclined.

Millennial = hope for a future, usually with a side of sarcasm, but who am I to bitch about that?

Saturn in Capricorn and Saturn Return

With the start of the Saturn Return for those with Saturn in Capricorn, this is the especially poignant for the little Millennials that I adore, in particular the Harmonic Convergence subset. With Neptune, Uranus, and now compounding, Saturn, all there?

Saturn lines up with those planets. In the next two, three years, this is an eye-opening, jolting event that exacerbates the bad, illuminates the good, and provides a beacon for growth.

Pleasant way to suggest, “It’s going to happen, be prepared to deal with its consequences effectively.”

Heard it all here, first.

Saturn in Capricorn and Saturn Return

Saturn and Venus

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn Return

Saturn and Venus

There was a further note about that particular connection, in respect to the Shakespeare quote I used. According to one scholar, the term “Saturn and Venus in conjunction,” implied a older male with a younger female, Falstaff with one of his lower-born, tavern-dwelling consorts.

Interesting note, and not without some anecdotal supporting documentation, but from the depth of apparent astrological references in most of the plays, I suspect it was joke, as I previously mentioned.

The secondary allusion to older male and younger female, might be one of those double meaning situations. I hadn’t thought of that. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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