Second Saturn Return

Saturn Return

Saturn Return

Saturn goes around a natal astrology, typically, every 28 years. Early in my career, I was busy trying, not trying, but hoping, kind of hitting on a woman in Austin, but not directly. Old South Austin, when it was sketchy, right? Coffee shop, Barton Springs, I’m pretty much a one-trick pony, I’m a Sagittarius without much game, but in my natural goofiness, there seems to be an inherent charm. Didn’t work on her, I might add. I can recall certain specifics from the natal astrology chart, and that — in that one example — her Saturn Return didn’t really line up until she was 31 years old.

    (Hint: our friendship started long after her Saturn Return, and she wasn’t having any of my affectations. But it is from our failures where we learn, and that’s a Saturn lesson.)

Saturn’s orbit — astronomically — is 30 years, more or less. Astrologically, Saturn fits into a nice, tidy 28-year cycle, with a few perturbations, and consider, these are circles within circles, and cycles thereof, so the exact dynamics shift and change.

Why there is nothing better than a
real person looking at an astrology chart.

However, seeing others as they approach that Second Saturn Return, and the timing of it all? Made me think about a laconic spring day in Austin, me hinting and cajoling, but not using any coercion, and, to no avail. Just an interest, not a strong desire. Me, not willing to do anything stupid, and the woman in question, yeah, she didn’t want to do anything stupid, either.

Why it reminded me, the old astrologers always taught me that Saturn was strictly a 28-year cycle. That was the first time, it was in my face, and obvious. Huh.

Clear Saturn patterns start to emerge.

Second Saturn Return

What happens as the Second Saturn Return occurs, there’s a different approach. One would suggest maturity, and while I’m certainly older, “maturity” implies personal growth and wisdom — I can’t claim that. Those with (natal) Saturn either in Aquarius or Pisces? They are coming up on a first or second Saturn return, and specifically, the second time around, that Second Saturn Return?

There’s a point in age that I have. There’s a degree of age a number of my long-term acquaintances also share.

  • “How’d so many of my friends get to be so old?”
  • The age range, year of birth? Basically, 1962 through 1964 for Saturn in Aquarius1 2 3, like it is now, and 1965-1967 (approximate) for Saturn in Pisces, and what to look forward to?

    Quick answer: straight from the book?

    • Transit SATURN conjoined natal Saturn

    Saturn Return — this is a big one in life’s cycles, perhaps one of the first of the big events. Usually, this occurs on a physical level. Real world physicality. Saturn will set out a task, hard work with little sense of recognition. Saturn goes around an astrology chart once every 28 years or so, depending on the mechanics. So once every 28 years — or so — the planet returns to its original place in a natal chart, hence the title, “Saturn Return.” This marks a transition point. In some astrology circles, this transit of Saturn is tinged with great fear and trepidation. While the actual moment when Saturn is conjunct the natal Saturn might only last a week to ten days, the effects tend to start when the Saturn enters the sign it is in, in the natal chart. Then, after Saturn’s “lessons” have been presented, it’s up to the individual to integrate and make sure that the lessons are learned, and the results incorporated in life with new-found vision and a better understanding or priorities. Saturn tends to “Remove” then “Reward,” and practically? The reward comes at the end, not at the beginning. Hard work, difficult goals, feeling of oppression, and a certain seriousness accompanies this portion of a life cycle. The holiday namesake for this, old, pagan Rome? The Saturnalia? On the shortest day of the year, when Capricorn (the main Capricorn planet is Saturn) starts, winter solstice, the tradition was the masters and the servants would switch places for a day. Big party, with cosmic overtones. Saturn is a taskmaster and willingness to serve is the key element during the “Saturn Return.” Saturn returns indicates what needs to be removed, and then offers a chance to work for the rewards. In the long run, it helps. In the short run, it can be painful. (Page 127-8).

    Second Saturn Return

    What we bring, I’ll make no promise of maturity, or wisdom, it’s just I’ve been around the block a few more times. Hardcore experience. When I make a suggestion about a particular course of action, it’s not from a point of books, and wisdom from an ascended master, no, I’m not preaching from a point of “better than thou,” no, that is certainly not it.

    What I am doing? I’m coming in from having made the mistake, two, three times, over and over, learning the hard way.

    “Nope, not ‘holier than thou,’ not me, I made the mistakes, several times. Not a paragon of virtue but an example of how ‘not to do it right,’ the first time. Or second time.” (Maybe a third or fourth time, as well?)

    The Second Saturn Return, as Saturn makes his way through first Aquarius and then Pisces? We’re running up on these events. Face-to-face with lessons, and a chance to demonstrate that we learned, the first time. Or not, as is my own example, but it’s not the first time.

    The first Saturn Return tends to be adult responsibilities against the swirling mess of a young life, oftentimes spun out of control, and seeking cosmic guidance. That Second Saturn Return, though, with a wealth of experience? Tends to be a time when a calmer approach is more rewarding.

    Second Saturn Return

    Saturn Return

    Saturn Return

    I have a single fishing story, true story, happened along the shores of what was then Town Lake in the heart of old Austin. A medium-size mama bass was “bedding” right off the dock at shoreline, in the old trailer park. She was getting fat with eggs, and the bed itself was guarded by two, smaller males, like the bass usually do. It was early spring, like this year, this time, and I was on the radio, someplace else. Between an afternoon reading, and the radio phone-in thing that evening, I caught that pregnant bass (again).

    In fact, I caught her a total of 6 times in two weeks, maybe just 10 days or so. Not the brightest critter, but what she lacked in intelligence she made up for with fight. It was a Zoom Worm, bright pink, almost glowing, clearly artificial color, and I used the same bait each time. I was aiming for her boyfriends, but rather than eat, they would just nudge the bait away from the nest, often as not, giving me a hairy eyeball look: bass side-eye.

    Same bait. Same fishing line, same hook, and she took the bait, each time. Not bright, and that I share with her, but I’ve learned, when I see the same bait dragged in front of me a second, or third time? I’ve learned not to take the bait.

    That Second Saturn Return — question is, having seen this exact same bait before, are we going to react, or be more cautious?

    Second Saturn Return

    Draft Cover

    28 Degrees of Capricorn &c.

    Also: Saturn and Venus, Saturn Return in Capricorn.

    If you want to see me in person, I’m available in San Antonio as listed, or by phone, most weekday afternoons.

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