Saturn and Venus

Saturn and Venus

“Saturn and Venus this year in conjunction! What says th’ almanac to that?”

Prince Hal in Shakespeare’s Henry 4th, pt. 2 (II.iv.110)

Saturn compared to Venus, they function differently. They also align, think that Venus has an orbit inside the Earth’s orbit, in the solar system, that means, it is closer to the Sun than Earth. So as Venus zips around the Sun, it just makes sense that about once a year, it should align with Saturn. Just sort of common knowledge, easy to understand. The orbit of Venus last 260 days more or less, so, at least once per year, it will look like Venus aligns with Saturn.

Saturn and Venus Timeline

In the last ten years or so?

Saturn and Venus

Due to the simple mechanics of the systems, of the ten years represented, 2015 is missing, but November of ’14 then January and October of ’16 show the frequency of the event, even though it might not always fall in a chronologically correct calendar year.

“Saturn and Venus this year in conjunction!”

Prince Hal, the soon-to-be heir to the throne, is partying down in a tavern called the Boar’s Head, in old East Cheap (London). Like the name implies, a dive. In the same breath, he mocks yet acknowledges the astrological/astronomical event.

In short, Saturn is a beastly burden that drives success at all costs while Venus is lazy, loving, and kind. When the two align in a natal chart, the standard interpretation is problematic romance, at best, and when aligned — in one form or another — by transit, the standard interpretation is one where Saturn serves to constrain Venus-like love. Ain’t happy by any standard interpretation.

However, starting with a lens like a Shakespeare History Play, and then bouncing into more current events, looking at what is going on at this moment? Brings a different view to the planets and their interpretations.

Saturn and Venus

Saturn is about structure, oftentimes portrayed as old, archaic antiquity that must be so. In my work, the shorthand symbolism of Venus is “the receptive side of love in a relationship,” and by that, I would suggested the prey, not the hunter. Having been hunted and haunted by a Taurus, yeah, different story for other times.

So one is established structure, and the other is artful romance, frills and lace, think, in terms of books, Saturn is a dusty law book, dry and acerbic while Venus is a bodice-ripper romance, complete with its lurid cover art.

In that definition, Saturn is more like a law library, with study carrels and students struggling to stay awake while reading and researching boring case precedents. Venus is a smoky nightclub filled various alluring intoxicating substances and attractive bodies in various stages of undress, adjust as need be for personal preferences.

Saturn and Venus

One of the formative texts that shaped and changed much my thinking bout stellar influences like Saturn was a catchy title, something like, “Saturn, a new look at an old devil.” TL;DR. It was the first in a long list of truly New Age (usually pronounced running together, rhymes with sewage) texts that sought to redress old tropes, and cut them in new forms.

A new look at the old tropes has always been one of my basic tenets.

Nothing like taking out the old beliefs and reexamining them in the harsh light of day. A harden belief is fine in the smoke-filled, thump-thump disco music at night, but cold and stark reality of the next morning, waking up next to that belief, it’s time to get a better look, without the makeup, no dim lights, and bereft of intoxicating adulterants.

One newer spin through this cycle included the concept that Saturn and Venus conjunct was good for an artist with a highly structured form, and ballet comes to mind, as a solid example. It is dance, but it has certain forms, with no license for improvisation. I haven’t backed this up and looked at specific charts, but I do like the idea. It feels like a fit.

Saturn and Venus

Saturn and Venus will be conjunct around Xmas this year, and regrettably, this is not a “naked eye” observation, it will be blinded by the sun itself, also part of the early Xmas Capricorn mix.

More on that will be in the horoscopes.

However, going back to Shakespeare’s take on some astrology, through the lens of a history play, as interpreted by character’s lines?

After studying astrology, when I first heard those lines, saw them delivered on stage, it resonated with me, as it appeared — in that production of the plays — to be a nod towards Shakespeare snark, a sneer and acknowledgement, both. On stage, I recall Prince Hal, and his party-animal friend, the usually sarcastic and drunken fool, Falstaff, Hal sneering the comment, yet still relying on direction of the stars, for guidance.

Perhaps this is a time to consider that there might just be alternative interpretations to what is happening with the planets, especially now, as?

“Saturn and Venus this year in conjunction! What says th’ almanac to that?” sig

Kramer –

Saturn in Cap.

See also: 8.26.2004


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