End Game

End Game

End Game – David Baldacci

The novel’s story, it gets to a certain point, pacing in the tale itself, style, details, and? I get to where I would rather stay up late, burrowed under the covers, and read the novel — more important than work or Xmas or anything else. Just pure escapist fiction with flawed heroes.

Pure. Escapist. Fiction.

At least I hope it’s fiction. With that novelist eye for details who knows what parts are true?

Despite graphic violence, an obvious command of a myriad of ways to kill a person, and some of the dirty side of office politics? With more than a few jabs at Washington D.C., it is, at the conclusion, a love story. Modern, rather violent, high body count, death by the numbers, love story. But romance, anyway.

Deus Ex Machina, kind of saw that coming, but a gripping action/thriller.

Love story. Heh.

Made me think about a line from Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors

I to the world am like a drop of water,
That in the ocean seeks another drop,
Who, falling there to find his fellow forth
(Unseen, inquisitive), confounds himself.

Antipholus of Syracuse, Act 1,scene 2, Lines 35-8

End Game

End Game – David Baldacci

End Game (Will Robie Series)

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