Two Bros BBQ

Two Bros BBQ

I fall for the same routine, every time. Buried on the site someplace, there’s an image of a sampler plate at Two Bros BBQ.

More than one media outlet has proclaimed it to be some of the best BBQ in Texas, one of those places everyone should stop and enjoy.

”… one of those places everyone should stop and enjoy,” that much is true.

It is good. It’s not superlative. Good, oh yes. With several outstanding items.

Tour the pit area. Smoking pig butt. (Pit-master’s words, not mine.)

My standard measurement of BBQ? Pork Ribs and Brisket. At Two Bros? Every time, I get suckered.

The brisket is neither moist, nor lean. Rudy’s, the affable, now franchised to all corners of my world, standard, has this ordering etiquette, “Lean or moist.” Lean, as the name implies, is lean with zero fat that isn’t rendered. Moist, is deliciously meaty and greasy with an extra layer of warm animal fat making the smoked brisket feel — and taste — “moist.”

Looks like it is sweating grease.

As a standard, real aficionados bemoan the overheard question when BBQ amateurs show up and ask for Lean or Moist, those of us in the know, the true BBQ cognoscenti? Suppress a snicker, and look down our collective noses with disdain.

While Two Bros BBQ doesn’t fit my refined palate for brisket? What they do exceptionally well are cherry-something-something-smoked ribs. Pork ribs, done right. Not since the good, old days of Two-Meat Tuesday, a time in memoriam, have I encountered the truly transcendental pork ribs. While the previous namesake did it based on a not-so-secret rub that included brown sugar, Two Bros BBQ had some kind of cherry-smoke. Certainly worth the effort to find the place and really worth the effort to try the ribs.

Two Bros BBQ

Probably more a pork smoker than a beef place, the pulled pork, quite good, and the various pig-butt, with the handle, “I like pig butts and I cannot lie,” and then those outstanding ribs. Cherry ribs.

Me? I’m a bit of snob about certain aspects of food. Raised in Texas I learned what good smoked meat was all about.

I recall chilling one afternoon, and all I had was some of the ribs. Perfect. Ribs and some plump jalapeños.

Perfect afternoon repast.

Two-Meat Tuesday – Kramer Wetzel

Two-Meat Tuesday: Astrofish.Net/Xenon

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