Rudy’s and the New Big Red

Rudy's and the New Big Red
Rudy’s BBQ originated in Leon Springs, TX. Buddy of mine turned me onto Rudy’s some years ago, before it became a big chain. The story, possibly apocryphal, was about the incipient — arguably the finest BBQ sauce ever — the origins.

The “Focus Group,” heard it was just one guy named Bubba, kept mixing and sampling until he got to point where he couldn’t stop. It is that good.

Rolling south from Round Rock, really just motored out from the hotel to the parking lot to a Rudy’s, and ordered up some road food. Two smoked sausage links, cut into “chips,” and then, drowned in sauce, good to eat while driving.

Road food.

The images are the Saturday night supper, a half pound of pork ribs and a Big Red. The intriguing part of the Big Red?

New recipe that’s not quite as sweet, made with real sugar — not high fructose corn syrup. I have no idea how long this has been on the market, but I’m guessing that a other gimmick I’ve missed, with my sheltered life and all.

Got enough sausage chips left over for breakfast.

Rudy's and the New Big Red

Big Red is a local classic beverage, and the new “made with real sugar” makes it better.

Composition and image post-processing was all done on the phone.