Cannery Row

Cannery Row

Cannery Row – John Steinbeck

From the sales list, and I know I read this, at some point, in school, maybe twice. However, I find the Apple iBook version of reading software so much easier to work with, and frequently, just easier.

Digital copy was on sale, and I have summer-like hankering for some American Classics. Seemed like the thing to do, besides, it is a Penguin Edition, now.

“How can the poem and the stink and the grating noise—the quality of light, the tone, the habit and the dream—be set down alive?” (From the introduction)

While the connection is tenuous at best, two Joe R. Lansdale novels got me interested in American Lit., again.

cf., “Palace Flophouse and Grill”

That is weird.

Like a previous diversion into “The North Star Coffee Lounge” — bright, shiny words.

Wonder how many are now thusly named?

“Monterey is a city with a long and brilliant literary tradition.” Page 69.

Wait, wait, for the strange music to start.

Then, bottom of a paragraph —

“For there are two possible reactions to social ostracism— either a man emerges determined to be better, purer, and kindlier or he goes bad, challenges the world and does even worse things. This last is by far the commonest reaction to stigma.” Page 132.

Steinbeck is one of the pillars of American Lit., and this is a foundation piece, of sorts, and after adventure lit, and murder, mayhem, and then, of course, a formerly huge collection of speculative fiction (Science Fiction &c.), this is a strange — a palate cleanser, of sorts.

The upstanding citizen who run a brothel, called The Bear Flag — just have to wonder a-might, The Bear Flag is the official flag of the state of California. (via wiki)

The modern version, I’d guess the hookers and madam are more honest than the politicians. Just a guess — I’m from Texas, and that is how it works here.

Cannery Row

Cannery Row – John Steinbeck

Cannery Row: (Centennial Edition)

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