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As for Best of 2008?


  • […] While I’ve “toured” nationwide, I cut way back to just markets that I found sustainable. East Coast to West Coast, in the last few decades, I’ve made it all. However, the parts I like are local. Not far, not extreme, mostly my backyard. I get invitations to scurry further afield from time to time, and as a Sagittarius, we must consider the options. We’re getting business-related invitations to expand our horizons, but pause, with me, for a second. Let’s examine some of the new, improved, wonderful incoming data that suggests we — our Sagittarius selves — consider branching out, and expanding passed our current limits. As the planets unravel a bit, or get wrapped tighter, it’s that Virgo thing, you know, as the planets get wrapped a little tighter, consider, look at the emotional questions facing Sagittarius and think about them in business terms. Profit and loss, or loss and gain, or potential long-term investments, all like that. Life can’t be reduced to a ledger sheet, but as a way to think about it? It’s not a bad way to approach this — kind of clinical — but that works for this week’s Sagittarius stuff. […]

  • […] advice, at least, on the surface. The details involve several failed business ventures, several successful ventures, and ended up with college funds for grand babies. As a rule, it applies. As a business concept, […]

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