Mercury Retrograde and Caution

Mercury Retrograde and Caution

It’s a cautionary tale, told when Mercury is Retrograde, as it best illustrates the way this trickster can work.

I got an ad for a Domain Name Registry, and the price looked a lot less than what I’m paying now, at first glance.

There’s a reason I strongly recommend, and it has to do with pricing. Hidden charges, hidden fees, the ubiquitous fineprint?

”Tax, title, license, dealer freight, and prep?”

Yeah, all that. Plus, the domain name pointers point and propagate way, I mean way faster than any other service —

So the ad was something like, “First year, buy a new name or transfer an existing one? $9.99!”

Good price. Problem: price more than doubles for the next year.

And I’m back to where I started. This almost pointless meander made me realize how well I simplified and how I continue to check to make sure I’ve got the easiest, simplest outfit to run. Simpler is better. And cheap, keep it cheap, too. All part of the package.

All my recommendations still hold up well, and they are all located in one place:

Yes, I like those.

Mercury Retrograde, I got this burr under my digital saddle, make it better, more faster, cheaper, and — wait. Turns out I’ve found that speed versus price balance point. Maybe Mercury Retrograde is about what works, and testing it, just to make sure.

I spent a portion of my normal working day, digging around on a discount web hosting site, trying to ascertain if there was a better way to run this enterprise. Number of sites I’ve got, the bandwidth, the backend requirements, security, backup, disk space, and, honestly, I’ve got handle on most of that.

Mercury in Retrograde was making a serious attempt to complicate the situation.

Mercury Retrograde and Caution

The cautionary tale is about trying to fix something that might not be broken. Just a friendly Mercury Retrograde reminder.

Portable Mercury Retrograde

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