Razor Girl

Razor Girl

Razor Girl – Carl Hiaasen

Razor Girl Front Matter kind of sets the pace and expectations, now doesn't it?

Starts with crash – bang. Yes.

Former girlfriend, Virgo, turned me onto this author, and I’ve been ever so grateful. Good, good stuff.

At one of Tim Dorsey’s book signings, he pointed out that the scene where the character who was awe–struck at a Carl Hiassen book signing was really Dorsey himself.

Believe me, we all put a little bit of ourselves in our work.

While similar, the two authors are not quite the same. Similar, yes.

“After a few chilly minutes he wished he'd put on some shoes and long pants.” Page 11.

Obviously, my people. On the way home from the bookstore, after purchasing the novel, I was chatting with Sister, and I mentioned that I didn’t like wearing long pants. I should move closer to the coast. See the old Libra horoscope for more on that.

It’s usually fun for me as there’s an echo of my localized insanity that I’m exposed to, on a fairly regular basis. All good. Fun read, well-put together.

After too much time in Austin? There’s nothing quite as much fun as a fictional stoner cop. If only.

The intertwining of various elements, the stoner cop, a fictional star of reality TV, an alleged mafiaso, love interests, all weave together. What was exciting to me, some of the joyful, exuberant — vibrant — marks of the author were back in full force. Artfully crafted yet savage enough to please the more macabre of readers.

A good romp through Key West (FL) and similar environs.

Razor Girl – Carl Hiaasen

Razor Girl: A novel

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